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I'm Nicholas

Entrepreneur and Tuitor

Welcome to our site. We are Eugene and Nicholas, who both have more than 25 years of experience in teaching combined. We are specialists for Math and Science for Primary school, Secondary school and Junior College.

Eugene's Subjects

Mr Eugene Ang graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with Merit and a Diploma Plus in Certificate in Engineering Mathematics. He continued and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science (Second Upper Honours) and a PGDE (NIE) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He has 13 years of teaching experience in both Math and Science and also taught in a MOE government school for a few years. He has also a proven track record of helping students to improve by at least 3 grades and 100% pass rate.

  • Primary 1-6
  • Lower Secondary
  • Lower Secondary
  • Primary 3-6
  • Lower Secondary
  • Upper Secondary

Nicholas's Subjects

Mr Nicholas Tey graduated with Bachelor of Science, majoring in chemistry from National University of Singapore and has been in the education line for the past 13 years. He is a chemistry specialist and has worked as a school contract teaching in a MOE school, before being a track and field coach for various institutions. He has been teaching chemistry across all secondary school and junior college/IB level for the past 10 years.

  • Upper Secondary
  • Junior College
  • IB

Our Experiences

  • Eugene

  • July 2016 - Present

    E3 Discovery Education

    • Managing the centre
    • Liaising with the parents on the individual child’s progress
    • Teach Secondary E/A Mathematics and Physics
    • Teach Primary Mathematics and Science
    • Conduct PSLE and O’Level Crash Course during June holiday
    • Preparing centre’s teaching curriculum and keep the MOE latest syllabus updated
    • Monitoring every students progress
    • Providing one to one private tuition and group tuition

  • July 2013 - July 2015

    Ministry of Education

    • Prepare/Set Exam paper
    • Co-Curriculum Activities (Netball)
    • Marking school worksheets and Exam papers
    • SRP (Remedial Lessons)
    • Event Planner (Help up with my HOD)
    • Teach E/A Mathematics and Physics
    • A co-form teacher to a class of 30 students, dealing with character development and well being

  • July 2012 - Present

    Cleverland Tutorial Centre

    • Teach Secondary E/A Mathematics and Physics
    • Teach Primary Mathematics and Science
    • Prepare worksheets and curriculums
    • Update the parents upon the child’s learning progress
    • Build rapport with the class
    • Motivate the students
    • Ensure that the lesson is interesting and interactive

  • Jan 2005 - Dec 2012

    Shi Lin Learning Centre

    • Assist the Principal to design and improve curriculum of the centre.
    • To teach Primary English, Mathematics and Science.
    • To teach Secondary Elementary/Additional Mathematics.
    • Conduct Mathematics Heuristics Workshop for Primary P5 and P6.
    • Execute company character-building programmes and multimedia programmes.
    • Monitor students progress.
    • Keeping parents update upon students learning progress.

  • Nicholas

  • Jan 2017 to Present

    ActiveSG Athletics Club

    • Coached and executed various programmes and training plans

  • Jan 2017 to Sept 2017

    Serangoon Junior College

    • Led the team to National Inter-School Cross Country Championships
      2017: A boys 8th, A girls 11th
    • Shot putt results:
      2017:“D” boys: 3rd and 8th, “C” boys: 2nd, “C” girls: 2nd, “B” boys: 4th, “B” girls: 1st and 4th, “A” boys: 4th
      2018:“D” boys: 1st, “C” boys: 1st, 2nd, “B” boys: 1st, 5th, “C” girls: 4th , “B” girls: 1st and 5th
    • Assisted Main coach with running events and led the team to 5 division titles for Inter-School Track and Field Championships 2017 and 2018.

  • Jun 2016 to Present

    Nanyang Primary School

    • Currently in charge of their shot putt training and Development Programme
    • Led the team to 56th(2015), 57th(2016) and 58th (2017) Inter-School Track and Field Track and Field Championships
      2017: 800M “A” boys Final(10th), Top 8 for 5000M “A” boys walk, 400M “A” boys final (7th), 100M “A” boys semifinals, 2 “A” girls 100M and 200M Semifinals, 2 “A” boys 200M semi-finals

  • Jan 2016 - Present

    Aedno Learning Centre

    • Provision of Chemistry Tutoring Services
    • Done at JC Chemistry Level (Currently 2 JC 2, 1 JC 1)

  • Jan 2016 - Jun 2016

    Ang Mo Kio Primary School

    • Led the team to National Primary Schools Track and Field Championships 2016.
    • 2016: “A” boys 200M Finalist, finished 5th

  • Jul 2015 – Nov 2015

    Singapore Prisons Track and Field Team

    • Worked with fellow coach, Mr Sky Khoo, to prepare the middle-distance team for ASEAN Prisons Track and Field Meet 2015 held at Palembang, Indonesia.
    • Results: 3000M Women Open: 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1500M Open: Gold, 5th place, 5000M Men Open: Silver, 10000M Men Open: Silver, and 4th, 1500M Men Open: Bronze, 1500M Women Veteran: Silver, 3000M women veteran: Bronze, 1500M Men Veteran: Silver, 800M Men Veteran: Silver, 800M Women Open: Bronze, 800M Men Open: 4th

  • Jan 2015 to Dec 2016

    Private Coaching

    • Worked with fellow coach, Mr Sky Khoo to prepare him for National Inter-school Track and field Championships and National Inter-school Cross Country Championships for 2015 and 2016
    • National Inter-School Cross Country: 9th for 2015, 6th for 2016
    • Track and Field: 7th(2015) and 2nd(2016) for 3000M; 4th(2015) and 1st(2016) for 2000M steeplechase
    • Represented Singapore schools for 8th ASEAN School Games in Chiangmai, Thailand

  • Jul 2014 to Dec 2016

    Serangoon Junior College

    • Led the team to National Inter-School Cross Country Championships
      2015: A boys 11th, A girls 8th
      2016: A boys and A girls both 10th
    • Led the team to 56th(2015), 57th(2016) and 58th (2017) Inter-School Track and Field Track and Field Championships
      2015: 2 female 3000M finalists, 1 female 800M finalist
      2016: 5000M “A” boys finalist (13th in final), 800M “A” girls finalist (9th in final), 1500M “A” girls finalist, 7th for 5000M “A” boys walk

  • Apr 2014 - Jun 2014

    ITE College Central

    • Conducted Sports and Wellness Lessons for the PE Unit.

  • Jan 2014 - Jun 2018

    Mayflower Secondary School

    • Led the team for 54th(2014), 55th(2015) and 56th(2016), 57th(2017) and 58th(2018) Inter-School Cross Country Championships
    • About 70% of participants attained personal best for 54th Inter-School Cross Country Championships 2014
    • 2016: 400M C-girls Semi-finalist and 1500M C girls Finalist for National Inter-School Track and Field Championships 2016
    • 2017: 1500M Racewalk C-girls Top 8(8th) and 1500M C-girls Top 8 (8th)
    • 2018: 1500M Racewalk B girls Finalist, 800M B girls finalist, 800M B boys finalist

  • Mar 2012 - Jul 2013

    Ministry of Education

    • Taught PE and Lower Secondary Science in Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)
    • Helped school in executing various PE programmes
    • Helped managed school’s Volleyball team (Boys), in terms of training and character development
    • Part of a team of teachers to guide and mentor the school’s student council
    • A form teacher to a class of 38 students, dealing with their character development and well being

  • Jan 2008 - Present

    Freelance Tutor

    • Recent Results from National Exams:
      - 3 “A”, 1”B”(from U in Promos 2016), 1 “C”(from U in Promos 2016) for GCE A’Levels (5 A’level Students in 2018)
      - Grade 7 for IB SL Chemistry, 2016 and Grade 6 for IB HL Chemistry in 2017 (1 student each)
      - A2 and B3 for O’Level Chemistry 2016 (F9 in 2015 EOY Exams)
    • Currently having the following students:
      - 3 GCE O’level Chemistry (Sec 4)
      - 5 GCE A’level Chemistry (3 JC2, 2 JC 1)
      - 3 Combined Science (Chem)
      - 3 NA Chemistry

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